Cedar Roofing Specialists

Cedar Roof Care and Maintenance

Cedar roofs requires removing all leaf litter, pine needles, and debris that accumulate between the shingles and shakes and in the valleys of the actual roof structure.

The debris that accumulates has two deteriorating effects on the roof. The first and most important point is that debris tends to retard the shedding of water. This will lessen the life of your cedar shingles. Secondly, and more destructively, the build up of debris retains moisture that allows wood-destroying fungi to grow.

At Fairfield County Home Services we recommend at least every 5 years to have your cedar roof cleaned and treated. In fact, every year it goes untreated, you lose three years off its lifespan. We use one of the finest wood preservative and moss, fungus, and algae retardant treatments on the market. Our roof treatment will give you greater peace of mind that we are going to make your roof work well, look good, and last longer. Contact Fairfield County Home Services to learn more about our service.